Looking for a blueprint that takes the guesswork out of hiring the right people?

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End-to-end Hiring Process:

We believe that five core elements must be activated, optimized, and working in sync for companies to build great teams. At Chained Wolf, we’ve packaged them into an end-to-end hiring process that we call The Recruitment Solution.

The Five Core Elements of The Recruitment Solution

1. Profiling

Who is your Ideal Candidate? This sounds like a pretty simple question, but most hiring teams can only supply the list of required qualifications developed for the job description. Unfortunately, this isn’t your Ideal Candidate. Here are the questions your hiring team should be asking:

  • What is the intent of this position - Why does this position exist? What is its purpose?

  • What outcomes do you expect this candidate to achieve - What are the meaningful and measurable work products that have a significant impact on the team and business? Over what timeframe should these be achieved?

  • What does the work environment look like - Are there recurring tasks or ever-changing challenges, Is it casual and relaxed or formal and methodical, Is it primarily composed of individual contributors or a highly collaborative environment?

  • What specific traits are desired for this position - Do you need a person who is calm and easy-going or highly competitive, deliberate and cautious when making decisions or bold and risky, easily stimulated or extremely focused?

The answers to these questions formulate the “Ideal Candidate Profile.”

2. Connecting

How are you connecting with your Ideal Candidate? What is your brand story, how is your culture more appealing than your competitors, why should a person fall in love with working for your company? Our team develops an opportunity pitch that we use to attract the Ideal Candidate to your opportunity.

What channels are you using to uncover your Ideal Candidate? Social advertising, internal job board, external job boards or aggregators, GitHub, LinkedIn searches, contingent or retained recruiting agencies, employee referral programs? We take a multi-channel approach and work with you to identify the best mix of channels to leverage based on your Ideal Candidate Profiles.

3. Selecting

How does each candidate compare to your Ideal Candidate? Our team deploys a deliberate process that gauges the candidate’s motivations, directly assesses the candidate against the Ideal Candidate Profile, and ensures their goals are aligned with yours. We capture this data on an easy to read candidate scorecard. Only those candidates with a 90% or higher match to the Ideal Candidate Profile are advanced.

4. Interviewing

What does your interview process look like? Are you asking the right questions? Our team assists you in handling the logistics of scheduling interviews, capturing video interviews, ensures your candidates are prepared for the interview, and develops and deploys interview evaluation forms for your hiring team. This captures actionable human-based, tech-enhanced data which will aide in the decision making process.

5. Hiring

Will your offer be accepted? Your hiring team is confident they have found the right candidate and are ready to extend an offer. Nothing is worse than having the offer turned down by the candidate at this stage. The five elements of The Recruiting Solution are designed and deployed to mitigate this scenario. Our team uses what we call the “Yes Funnel.” The goal is to have each candidate say “Yes” multiple times to your opportunity prior to an offer being made. This way when an offer is extended, the candidate has already made the decision to accept your offer. The final “Yes” becomes more of a formality than a decision!

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